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Welcome to Haaga Helia UAS Porvoo!


It has been exciting studying at Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences, Porvoo Campus so far. It’s a dream come true. Once again, my name is Abiodun Bamidele Obisesan, I’m a Nigerian. Most of my friends call me Obi since childhood. It has stick more than I can ever imagine.  I have previously background in Chemistry from University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. I basically come here to study Aviation Business because of my interest in the subject. The possibility of learning more about business skills at Haaga Helia UAS also fuel this interest. I hope that in the future, I can create some business within aviation industry!


I can describe myself as a fast learner. I thrive  when I find people that I share common identity in order to solve to academic problem. I will describe this learning method as an addendum to my learning style. I have developed the capacity over time to study independently. I can initiate, plan and execute an academic tasks personally with little or no supervision. On the other, I believe that cooperating with others has a greater capacity to unleash my potential. Thus, I have learned by experience to always cooperate with others when formulating or laying foundation for an academic pursuit.

In a sense, I ask fewer questions in classroom. It is not however, a sign that I understand everything that is being taught. I prefer to attempt the challenge on my own before asking for a hand. This has been my leaning approach so far.

Learning Goals

The core competences being examined in this first semester include study trip, business plan, and Nordic studies.  I believe I needed to learn more on business plan and study trip. The study trip’s competencies in focus are; leadership in a global mindset, understanding the business operational environment with the ability to process, operate and implement budget of projects and understand the implementation of customers’ needs.  Business plan on the other hand offers opportunities to develop, plan, budget for business for business operations. Along with this, responsibilities are being assigned and leadership qualities being developed.

In all, I am beginning to enjoy the reason why I come to Haaga Helia University.


The surprise meeting with the Head of Haaga Helia Provoo Campus  was one of the high points of events I have enjoyed so far. Reija took time to listen to us. She listened patiently like a true mother who wants the best for her children. The meeting atmosphere was superb with class member contributed in a positive way. It was also great to hear Reija expanded on the opportunities that exist within the aviation sector

AbBa 17 with Reija Anckar

for us. Timely interjection by Ivan brought clarity to some grey area not well understood.

Business plan competition fair was an exciting place to pitch idea. It was good atmosphere where Sampo, Tobba and Abba students showed that we can take our respectively industries by surprise in the near future.

Biz Lepo2

Biz Lepo1

Biz Lepo 3

In reading circles, entrepreneur idea characteristics are being learned and imbibe in a way that is now reflecting our language and attitude.  It’s fun to be in reading circles with class mates and occasionally with our teachers. It is a relaxed atmosphere.

Aviation Business News!

  1. Nigeria Capital airport closing for six weeks from midnight March 7 2017! Two big holes in Abuja International airport runway. In August 2016, it damaged South Africa landing gear. The runway should have been upgraded 15 years ago! Repairs will take six weeks. Flight will be diverted to Kaduna Airport. It another 2 hours extra journey for the travelers by road down to Abuja. Free shuttle buses are being provided by the authorities from Kaduna to Abuja (
  2.  A pilot shortage faced by US regional carriers has in recent weeks proven to have broader fallout, with a top US Air Force general supporting possible changes to pilot qualification rules and with two pilots unions dragging airlines into court (Source:
  3.  Schweiss Doors with a unique request: Retired airline pilot Gene Buboltz of Cold Spring, Minn., was looking for two unique hydraulic applications for his lake home. One door is disguised as a wall, allowing him to drive his ATV into the lower level, where he also stores his jet skis. This room also serves as a rec room and a place to store his flying memorabilia. The hydraulic door measures 4 feet, 6 inches wide by 6 feet, 7 inches tall. Buboltz also came up with the idea of using a door system as a staircase in his garage. Schweiss Doors engineered a hydraulic lifting staircase from his garage up to the attic. The staircase folds up automatically, up and out of the way to allow for additional parking space in the garage. The staircase “door” is 3 feet wide and 10 feet, 4 inches tall. Both can be operated with remote openers.(

Buboltz1       Buboltz4





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