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Diary of Courage – Stretching Your Mind

Stretching your mind to eke out solution to any pressing issue or towards achieving your life-long goal is more than desirable. It is often human to look around instead of soul-searching. Sometimes around 1500 centuries, Herman Cortez was faced with ultimate test of his life. He had stolen initiatives from the then Spanish-backed governor of Cuba, Diego de Velazquez on the expedition to the present day Mexico. The ultimate prize was to conquer Aztec. From the onset, the expedition had been besieged by many problems. First, Herman had only five hundred men to take on about a million inhabitants of Aztec. Secondly Herman army was full of infiltrators, spies and betrayers who were there to make trouble for him. Lastly, other members of his army were contended with just collecting gold and leave the island for good.

In dealing with this situation, Herman Cortez looked beyond the external manifestation of the situation. Instead, he dug deep beneath in order to proffer solution to those problems. He first ensured that holes were bore in six of their ships making them sea unworthy. The rest were run aground. Dissension suddenly stopped. Unity returned to the camp because they all needed each other at those precarious times.

Whether in business, organization or pursuit of individual goal, you must been able to seek beyond outward manifestation of obstacles preventing you from attaining your goal. Most obstacles have underlying causes that require the use of brain. Treating the symptom without addressing the root-cause could further complicate issue. As a necessity, you must be able to stretch your mind. You must be able to go extra mile at addressing those obstacle that have held you back. Like a surgeon, you have to go for a deep cut separating bone from flesh.

Stretching your mind entails the ability to think and do critical thinking. It involves the ability to think outside the box. Digressing from orthodox route and being able to see in a new light. For Herman Cortez men, they were bonded with their ships. There was a consolation of escaping route if the expedition fails. Those ships represent security. It therefore infected their execution. Once it was destroyed and the escape route vanishes, they understood the importance of task at hand.

Men of courage burn bridge that may infect their execution. In stretching their mind, they are able to deal with root-cause rather than treating symptoms. Stretching your mind require occasional breaking away from norm. It is the ability to be creative with your thoughts that give meaning to your life. Stretching your mind means exercising your mind daily giving room to meditation and planning. In order to separate yourself from the crowd, you must devote some part of your life to meditation. Whether you have urgent need or not, let this be your daily practice. You will appreciate it one day. Remember: A genius is a man who discovered how to increase the intensity of thought to the point where he can freely communicate with some knowledge not available through the ordinary rate of thought (Napoleon Hill)

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