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Emotional Capacity?

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Nugget: Strategy is not a question of learning a series of moves or ideas to follow like a recipe; victory has no magic formula. Ideas are merely nutrients for the soil: they lie in your brain as POSSIBILITIES so that in the heat of the moment they can inspire a direction, an appropriate and creative response (Robert Green)

The ability to check our emotional responses during the heat of the moment is priceless. It’s a gift worth more than a million dollars. It’s also a skill that can be acquired. In the Seven Habit of Highly Effective people, Steve R. Covey was of the opinion that between the time when an incident occur and response time, there is always a split seconds in-between when you can decide or choose a course of response. He describe this moment as a RESPONSE-ABILITY.

Our response to any unpleasant situation can be control even if we have only micro seconds of reflections. Particularly the choice of words or argument line that we choose, we have a certain degree of response-ability over them. This choice stem from our person. The kind of choices we have made over time. The exercise we have subjected our mind to over time play a significant role.

As much as possible, you must avoid argument, irrational behavior or unpleasant word during the heat of the moment or crisis. Word spoken cannot be retrieved. The problem is that spoken word can be insidious and the interpretation depends on the hearer level of insecurities or mood. If you always tow the argument line during crisis, you might be inherently digging your own grave. For instance, how do you response irrational customer or a superior who is setting a trap for you.

You must develop the capacity to handle issues without resorting to emotional response. Remember, emotion cloud reasons. Those who usually react emotionally to issues cannot distinguish between right and left. They are usually victim of themselves. In the time of argument, as humans, we will say anything to support our cause including quoting unverifiable statistics, Bible or otherwise. It is always better to demonstrate the correctness of idea indirectly especially when it involves an authority figure. What makes your mind stronger and more able to control your emotion is internal discipline and toughness. Once you can develop internal discipline and toughness, you can see situation beforehand and possess mental distance above any or unexpected situations.

Finally, always learn to say less than necessary. Learn to listen. You have a response-ability over situation especially during crisis. Don’t impress with words unnecessarily. Don’t impugn on the intellectual capacity of your superior through argument. Demonstrate high level of emotional restraint during a crisis and you will soar high. Remember: Never argue. In the society nothing must be discussed; give only results (Benjamin Disreali, 1804 – 1881)

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