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The Spring is Over!


Why Are we here?

It has been exciting, interesting and challenging coming to Porvoo and studying at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. It is exciting because Porvoo is a beautiful city to be. Haaga-Helia provided the platform to be in Porvoo. In that context, being a student has been interesting because I keep meeting lots of beautiful people both in Haaga-Helia UAS premises and Porvoo. Each day, as I returned to Helsinki from Porvoo, I travelled along a path that is reminiscing of my days in Jyvasyla. The calmness and serenity in Porvoo city is a huge contrast to bubbling and energetic life in Helsinki. One of my favorite route to market square where I take OnniBus to Helsinki can be found below.


Learning Goals

In my earlier post, I examine the core competences being examined first semester. This include study trip, business plan, and Nordic studies. The study trip’s competencies in focus are; leadership in a global mindset, understanding the business operational environment with the ability to process, operate and implement budget of projects and understand the implementation of customers’ needs.  Business plan on the other hand offers opportunities to develop, plan, budget for business for business operations. Along with this, responsibilities are being assigned and leadership qualities being developed.

Between then and now, immense efforts have from both the teachers and students to ensure that students take out the best from the learning and curriculum design. For instance, Speak and Write was organized on March 10, 2017 as way of improving competence in communications. Besides, debate was also organized that were meant to further improvement on reflection and communication. In reading circles, technical skills around accounting and business core languages are being acquired. For ABBA student, core elements of Aviation business languages are being learned in detail. Such languages include logistics, air traffic, innovations, airport management, air traffic regulation among many others. We have also benefitted immensely at Aviation Business from various guest lecturers that have taught on diverse business topics that have enhanced the various objectives of difference courses that are being taught.

In all, the difference between January 11, 2017 when we are inducted and now is huge. Each building block being added on Aviation Business is an added value. Beyond just learning theoretically, I am now able to dream a lofty dream. A potential future in Aviation Business and possibility of becoming major stakeholder in the industry.

FinAir Academy!

It was exciting morning on Friday April 7 when ABBA students (Aviation Business Bachelor degree) visited Finnish Air Academy at Vantaa. Finnish Air Academy belongs to Finnish Airline Company. However, it operates independently. As the name connotes, FinAir Academy is a training where school where prospective cabin crews and pilots of FinAir are being trained. The school activities however span beyond just providing man-power support for FinAir. The school is rendering huge manpower support for aviation industry both in Finland and abroad.

The school is equipped with latest equipment and facilities to train, upgrade and enhance cabin crews and pilots’ capacities and capabilities. Our visit to the school afford us the opportunities to more than ten millions euros worth of equipment such as AirBus 330/340 and 350 simulators. We were accord the chance to test out flying skills in the simulator. The experience was real and awesome. During visit, we also conducted emergency landing test. The experience of emergency landing test was a unique opportunity that I will forever cherish.

Earlier in the day, we were received by the head of training who started her carrier with FinAir in 1988. It was quite interesting for me to meet someone who is spending practically her entire career in organization. Finally, many thanks to Suvi who organized this company and see to it that we it happened. Some of the pictures taken during company visit can be found below.


                                                        20170407_110424  20170407_110430



Russian Day

Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences, Porvoo campus hosted Russian day on the 10th April 2017 as way of consolidating and promoting relationship that has long existed between Porvoo city, Finland and Russia at large. It was a colorful event. Some of the pictures from the event can be found below:





Preparing for FoA (Future of Aviation Seminar)

Aviation Business degree students will host an important seminar on the 11th of May 2017. The seminar had tagged future of aviation. The seminar is set to host various discussion on the future of Aviation in general. It will also be an opportunity for Aviation Business degree student to meet various stakeholders in the industry. It will also afford the opportunity to network, seek possible internship programme and collaborate on future projects. The preparatory meeting was held on April 12, 2017 with Dr. Reija and Mr Ivan in attendance. It was such great meetings where students were assigned responsibilities and practically took charge of the events.




Study Trip 

Milan: As part of our study trip, Aviation business visited Milan from April 24 to 25, 2107. It was difficult for us to find suitable company to visit Milan partly due to public holiday on the 25th April and partly due to short-time notice given to the company. Malspensa airport responded to our request for the airport tour in Milan. However, it was aborted due to the fact that, it will take Malpsensa airport authority time to obtain necessary permit needed for us to visit the airport. However, we were able to secure future commitment. We decided instead to visit Volandia Aviation Museum in Milan and for individuals to conduct mystery shopping.










 Madrid: Unlike Milan, it was possible to organize visit to Cuatros Vientos Airport / Iberia / Infante de Orleans Foundation Aviation Museum in Madrid.  One of the team members was key contact within the group. She was able to influence our visit to Cuatros Vientos Airport. We also visited European Flyers School close to Cuatros Vientos airport.  Besides, lecture was organized. Finally, we visited International Air Transport Association (IATA) Europe office located in Madrid. It was a last minute requested acceded to by IATA and made possible through persistent of the team member in collaboration with Mr. Ivan.




Future of Aviation Business Seminar

Aviation Business student held the first seminar on the 11th May 2017. The objective of the seminar was to expose the students to various business segments in aviation business, opportunities that exist within the sector and networking. Different speakers represent different stakeholders attended the seminars. There were representatives of FinAir, Lufthansa Cargo, Government agency and entrepreneur.

On the day of the seminar, I was part of the catering team. The food menu served on the seminar day was inspired during study trip to Milan. We feed received a positive feedback from the seminar attendees and guest speakers. We hope that the seminar will be a continuous project for our department.


Trend in Aviation Business

At least 27 people have been hurt as an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Bangkok hit a patch of severe turbulence. No injuries were life-threatening, but several passengers suffered broken bones and three needed surgery, Russian officials said.

Besides, United Airlines has been in the news for wrong reasons in the last of couple of months. The news has been terrible because of mishandling of passengers on-board and death of animal. United Airlines needs to improve on her public image.

Finally, renovation Abuja International Airport was completed on schedule. Everyone was happy about it.


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